Abandoned History Blog has been a project that I have had my mind on for a while. It has come into play now because in Vancouver there have been a ton of arsons of abandoned buildings, which in turn, gives us urban explorers and photographers of the derelict a really bad name.

I have been a photographer of the abandoned for nearly 10 years now. I also own a paranormal investigation company, which, most of the time, can tie in with condemned and forgotten places.

On a side note, exploring abandoned buildings can be done illegally and it can also be done legally. A lot of people do not understand our passion in buildings that are falling apart. In other situations, the buildings may be of heritage importance on private property and I believe that they do not deserve the right to not allow us to view these buildings of great historic importance. I DO NOT condone any illegal activity.

Please enjoy, and feel free to give me any feedback, positive or negative.

Thank you.